Today, Thursday, October 1, 2020

Unlisted Toxins Found In Baby Products!

Toxins are found everywhere, even in things that you might believe would be toxin free. If you recall a few years ago many recalls on all types of products were common due to poisons found in them. Everything from toys, to pet food to even mobile homes! Nothing was found safe. However, this one may be to most surprising of all-products for babies.

Chemicals like 1,4- dioxane and formaldehyde are just a few of the toxins in baby products that can be found. Those two chemicals have been founded as a probable carcinogens, meaning that they have a very high chance of causing cancer. Many are used in preservatives in products or in additives in products to help keep them fresh. Though most of the time they are included in with other chemicals that they place in the products that they wish to include.

Common products that they can be found in are the following-shampoos, lotions and other personal care baby products that are used by thousands of parents each year and day. However if you read the labels on these products, they will not list the toxins that are byproducts . While they are not placed in the products on purpose, they are also not required to list them when they are added in-on the labels. So parents may never know if what they buy or use will have toxins in baby products. However the parents might be benefited by looking up the products that have been tested for these toxins and found in. That way they can avoid those brands. Or find products that have less ingredients than most other products.

It has also been said that most countries do not have Government restrictions on cosmetic or person care related products. Though a few countries have banned them. The European Union, Sweden and Japan all have banned those chemicals from being included in any cosmetics or any personal care products.  Though they are the only countries who have done such a law, most have not made any requirements for reporting toxins found in products.

However toxins in baby products like 1,4-dioxane can be removed from products, unlike formaldehyde which cannot be removed. But most companies and brands do not test for 1,4-dioxane and therefore do not remove it if it is in their products. Though if they did test it and find 1,4-dioxane in the product-they could remove it with a high success rate. Formaldehyde on the other hand cannot be removed from products once it is in them.

Toxins in baby products are hidden most of the time, unlisted and unheard of. Chances are that you hear ads on the radio or television about toxins in baby products. These unhealthy chemicals can make you and your baby sick, even if it is down the line. That’s why all parents and future parents need to do their research prior to buying products for their family.

So next time before running to the store, take a look online and see if you favorite products and brands are tainted with carcinogens.

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